Coaching Gurus – Who do you know?

Coaching Gurus – Who do you know?

The world of coaching is full of so many amazing people, some I would classify as Coaching Gurus. Where I started way back  in 1993 was with Alan Fine, of ‘InsideOut’ who supported us to develop some incredible skills on the tennis court, getting results that most could barely believe.  I was then tasked with building a coaching course for managers so we used Alan Fine’s work and that of W. Timothy Gallwey and his work ‘The Inner Game of Tennis.’  We had course delegates building some amazing ball juggling skills on the tennis court!  What followed was a link to the work of Sir John Whitmore – (see below for a review link to his great book, ‘Coaching for Performance’), and the use of the GROW model of coaching

Another on my list would be Myles Downey and his book, ‘Effective Coaching’ which is very accessible and practical for people in the workplace.  He says in his introduction, “Coaching has the capacity to bring humanity back into the workplace.”  Who wouldn’t want more of that!?

Who do you know that you would nominate as a Coaching Guru?

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