Coach Approach to 360° feedback

Coach Approach to 360° feedback

iStock_000004501210SmallSupporting colleagues in understanding and acting upon their 360° feedback report is a vital role in the development of leadership skills and competencies throughout an organization. Managers can very effectively support each other in all manner of ways; debriefing a 360 report is great example.

Use your coaching skills; avoid leading &/or giving solutions; build the relationship between you to create a resourceful environment in which your colleague can explore meaning, discover options for action, see new perspectives and create a plan to which they are committed.

Use the outcomes from the feedback session to contribute to further coaching sessions which will support and strengthen the desired outcomes.

 Challenges to 360 feedback

·     Can be emotive
·     Remembering how they experienced it last time! (negative)
·     Not sure where the sensitivities are 
·     The data may be contradictory
·     You may get asked for YOUR opinion!
·     Using it to change (behaviours)
·     Trying to get a person to stop being dismissive
·     Given the data you may want to change your buddy
·     If the data doesn’t match your own perception how do you make sense of it?
·      If your buddy goes into denial

Principles of effective 360° feedback

·     Sharing data
·     Self honesty
·     Confidential
·     Taking responsibility
·     Permission to challenge
·     Agreeing the boundaries at the start
·     Understanding that this is OTHERS view of you
·     Frame in the positive and no judgement
·     Focus on STRENGTHS as well as development areas
·     Non competitive

Useful questions to ask during the debrief

·     How prepared are you to discuss this now?
·     How are we going to do this? … or
·     What’s the deal, the contract between us?
·     How do you feel about the report overall?
·     What were your first impressions?
·     How do you feel now?
·     What, if anything surprised you?
·     What were you particularly pleased about? / concerned about?
·     What state of mind were you in when you completed input on yourself?
·     What would you like to focus on first?
·     How should we structure the meeting?
·     Shall we agree the ground rules?
·     Shall we look at where there are gaps between your perceptions and other.
·     What interests you about these differences?
·     What areas would you like to clarify or validate? 
·     What resonates for you?
·     What repeats are there from previous experience?
·     What surprises are there?
·     What stands out for you?
·     Which (different) areas might be related in your opinion?
·     What do you think this tells you about your strengths / needs?
·     In what way has this been useful in taking things forward?
·     Would it help to look at congruence between responses?
·     What links do you see between the different areas?
·     Have you noticed e.g. competent areas / spread of others’ perceptions / own perceptions? 
·     How could you use your strengths better?
·     How does this relate to your job role?
·     What opportunities are there to improve?
·     What are the barriers to improvement?
·     What could be causing people to respond in this way?
·     Is this area important to you / your job?
·     How does this fit with your career development?
·     What help might you need to work on this?
·     What useful info is there in the stop / start / continue comments?
·     What are the implications of the report overall?
·     What were the differences, Self / DR’s / Peers / Manager
·     What are the significant gaps?
·     What meaning are you attaching to the gaps?

build-successPlanning and Commitment

·     What options do you have?
·     What can you do differently?
·     What actions will you take?
·     How will you know you are successful?
·     What measurements will you put in place?
·     How will you share the results with your team?
·     What clarification might you need on the results?
·     What support might you request from your team?
·     What will you share with your boss?
·     What / how will you share with your team?
·     If you were only going to do 2 / 3 things what would they be?
·     What goals will you set as a result of this report?
·     What’s the action plan?
·     What are the first steps?
·     Shall we meet again to review progress? 
·     What support do you want from me?  

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