How do you describe coaching to others?

How do you describe coaching to others?

An approach I often use is not to tell them what I ‘do’ but to ask them questions(!) – well there’s nothing like modelling coaching to describe what potential there can be in the relationship.

For example something like below – this is really a picking list of statements that can be used in combination, not a single question!

“What would it be like for you to work with someone who was totally focussed on you; supported, challenged and acknowledged you in everything you did; who never made you wrong; who encouraged your every move; who wanted you to succeed; who listened to you; who pushed you when needed; who accepted your values and beliefs without question; who worked with you on refining your personal goals and vision, etc. etc.”

In this context I ‘bumped into’ a film on TV the other night, “The New Karate Kid” and a quote resonated with me:

Girl: “For once I wish you could give me an answer I could understand”

Mr Miyagi: “Answer only important when asked the right question”

Girl: “That’s exactly what I’m talking about”

My case rests!

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