Delegation – coach approach

Delegation – coach approach

Delegation is a vital tool for Leaders and Managers both to get the work done and to develop others. Here’s a set of questions that might support coaching a manger on the topic of effective delegation


  • What’s your track record with delegation so far? Worked well? Not so well?
  • What could your people gain by taking on more responsibility and becoming more accountable?
  • What would the effect on the business be?
  • What are the most important considerations for effective delegation to other team members?
  • How will you know what to delegate, when, and to whom?
  • What will you be feeling or thinking having delegated work to others?
  • If you were able to delegate really well, what would that then enable you to do?

Application – Areas for discussion and action planning so you have a ‘model of excellence’ for delegating responsibility to others.

  • What are the purposes of delegation?
  • How would you assess the state of readiness of the employee?
  • What are the implications of delegation?
  • What permission do you need from your boss?
  • What will be the boundaries of your delegated authority?
  • How will you go about assigning the new responsibilities?
  • How will you know you’re successful?

2 thoughts on “Delegation – coach approach

  1. Ray Lamb


    Whilst I would not ask these questions as a coach directly to my client, I belive it is a good set of questions for the client to answer for themselves and THEN BE COACHED on the results – how to be more effective based on this short assessment.

    Answer the following ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

    Have you agreed with each of your subordinates his/her main targets and continuing responsibilities, together with standards of performance, so that you can both recognise achievement?

    Do you recognise the contribution of each member of the group and encourage other team members to do the same?

    In the event of success, do you acknowledge it and build on it? In the event of setbacks, do you identify what went well and give constructive guidance for improving future performance?

    Can you delegate more? Can you give more discretion over decisions and more accountability to a sub-group or individual?

    Do you show to those that work with you that you trust them, or do you hedge them around with unnecessary controls?

    Are there adequate opportunities for training and (where necessary) re-training?

    Do you encourage each individual to develop his/her capacities to the full?

    Is the overall performance of each individual regularly reviewed in face-to-face discussion?

    Does financial reward match contribution?

    Do you make sufficient time to talk and listen, so that you understand the unique (and changing) profile of needs and wants in each person, so that you can work with the grain of nature rather than against it?

    Do you encourage able people with the prospect of promotion within the organisation, or – if that is impossible – counsel them to look elsewhere for the next position fitting their merit?

    Can you think of a manager by name who (a) delegates more effectively (b) less effectively than you? What are the results in each case?



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