Coaching Culture – how to build it!

Coaching Culture – how to build it!

Building coaching culture

I have used this approach several times, as a half day session with groups, and even as a 90 minute telephone session with coaches studying ‘leadership coaching’; it works well. The insights that people get are extraordinary – and we have to use a very focussed, question based ‘coach approach.’ The big breakthroughs come when we discuss the outcomes that will accrue in the business as a result of adopting a ‘coach approach.’

Some may argue that it’s not very ‘academic’ – true I guess, something to do with spending the last 15 odd years ‘in the field’ working with groups every week, using the coach approach and supporting discovery – it is amazing what happens! Research and the data it provides is absolutely essential, and at the same time I am constantly surprised at what workshop delegates ‘know to be true’ and want to influence postively in their activities at work. The concept and postive outcomes of a collaborative environment is, in my experience, well understood, acknowledged and wanted in the workplace – and it seems to be difficult to achieve! Adopting a coaching culture is a real enabler to collaboration. It seems that once the principles are embraced there is little opportunity to go back. Hierarchies based on power, control and ego seem to disappear as people get more and more engaged with positive outcomes in the business.

Some of the outputs that I’ve heard about a coaching culture are as follows:

* Coaching is needed in an environment where there is so much info. – people are paralysed, in overload

* Coaching can help see a way through

* Retention increases, staff turnover reduces

* People will feel valued

* Frees up people in Leadership positions – (to do the more strategic work)

* Greater employee engagement

* Greater quality of employee performance

* Emphasis on experimentation

* People feel safe to discuss performance

* Noticeable absence of a culture of fear

* There is ‘unlearning’ to do!!

* Must let go (as a leader) of ‘my way is the right way’ and ‘it’d my job to give the answers’

* Must be willing to shift from Proclamation to Conversation!

* ‘Noisy’ organisation, talking, collaboration, positive energy

* Absence of back-biting, jealousy, unnecesaary competitive behaviour

* Managers feel free

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