Coaching – creating internal capability

Coaching – creating internal capability

Coaching Questions that have proved to be relevant when creating or planning to create coaching capability inside organisations. Some of the questions seem to be difficult to come to terms with, and from experience, when they are answered the end result is far more robust.

  • Why Coaching? Why now?
  • What is happening in the business/what evidence is there that suggests coaching is answer?
  • How will this initiative support the people strategy?
  • Who are the recipients of the training and why?
  • How does having in-house coaches support and/or challenge our current culture? – or support the culture that we want to create?
  • How will you sell the concept? How do you want it to be perceived and valued by the business?
  • What would success look like; for the coaches, internal clients and overall business?
    (Examples of what is happening within the business that they are looking to support with coaching)
  • What will the main stakeholders see, hear, and feel when the in-house coaches are fully functioning? (Measures of success)
  • What will be the focus of the in-house coaches’ work? What will they be doing? With whom? When?
  • Who are the sponsors and what is their role?
  • Who will the in-house coaches be? What is the specification of the role and requirements of those selected? What is the selection process?
  • How many hours (per week/month) will the in-house coaches be coaching and how will this activity fit with their main roles?
  • How will you monitor the progress of the coaches and quality of what they do?
  • How will you match coach and client?
  • Coach Training – What is the shape of the training? Outcomes? Number of days? 1:1 Coaching for all?
  • How will you communicate the launch of the in-house coaching team and its purpose within the business?
  • Accreditation route? e.g. if yes, and ICF then this requires 100 coaching hours and 10 hours mentor coaching. Other bodies will be different, need tio decide which route to take.

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