Coaching Benefits

By | September 22, 2014

Coaching Benefits

There are many benefits to using a coach approach, what ever the context, personal or business.  The table below list some of the benefits that will show up for the person being coached, the person coaching, organisation, and clients alike.

Benefits for the Coachee Benefits for the Coach
Chance to learn and build skills in specific area(s)and in a safe, confidential environment. Helps to align roles and goals.
Gain different perspectives on an issue/opportunity. Coach approach can be used in a many different situations.
Time and space to reflect and to think aloud. Coach also learns from generating different perspectives.
Support in thinking through problems/opportunities. Satisfaction from seeing another person learn and grow.
Chance to identify and unlock potential. Coach approach is an effective management style.
Increased level of personal responsibility/ownership. Coach approach is also effective with potential and actual clients.
Greater readiness to take on more responsibility. It can be ‘short and sweet’ e.g. a 2 minute encounter at the coffee machine.
Greater clarity regarding a task or role or expectations. Builds relationships.
Increased self-awareness and learning. Helps retain staff.
Timely support on a topic coachee wants to develop. Learning from two way feedback is beneficial.
Benefits for an Organisation Benefits for Clients
Increased effectiveness of people. Better staff continuity for clients due to lower staff turnover.
Improved business performance. More rounded, knowledgable staff.
Good return on investment. Their coach approach makes us feel more valued and involved and we co-create solutions.
Increased leadership capacity. Their staff have a clearer idea of what they should be doing.
Less conflict and so healthier and better relationships. Improved client service, reduction in complaints and clients are happier.
Healthier, open culture leading to e.g. greater knowledge transfer. Less need for us to train their staff = reduced costs.
Greater alignment with organisational goals.
Better team work and cross functional working.
Helps embed our Mission, Vision and Values.

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