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Coaching / Mentoring distinctions


Mentoring and Coaching are so close from a skills point of view, and mentoring seems to be a more and more popular topic right now, here’s some background information: Has mentoring become more or less popular in recent years? If so why?   Increasingly more popular, Dr Peter Honey says in a book review, “The explosive… Read More »

Coach Approach to Management

Managers and Leaders using a coach approach to management are essential for 21st century business. In an environment of uncertainty, intense competition and globalisation of markets, innovation, creativity and improved performance are vital to business success. “People, not capital, are businesses’ most vital asset. An organisation must innovate more and more often to meet the… Read More »

Coaching – Managing Performance and Employee Engagement

50% of managers fail to mange poor performance, a recent survey said. Should we just get rid of those poor performers and hire more talented people? Oh that we had the luxury … and of course getting rid of poor performers that way means you have to manage people out of the business anyway, back… Read More »