Using physical movement

Why might it be useful for you and your coachee to be upon your feet? Energy / Rapport Demonstrate change is possible – quickly Link to somatic Body language more visible – helps coaching process Unsticking emotional stuckness Changes perspectives Creating space Experientially help find: Disinctions Detachment –vs- attachment Perspectives Inject play / fun element,… Read More »

Manager as Coach or Mentor

THE MANAGER AS COACH OR MENTOR Coaching and being coached are essential activities for 21st century business leaders and managers. In an environment of uncertainty, intense competition and globalisation of markets, innovation, creativity and improved performance are vital to business success. “People, not capital, are businesses’ most vital asset. An organisation must innovate more and… Read More »

Unlocking Discretionary Effort

Doing more or differently with less is an ongoing challenge for leaders and managers.  Coaching them to unlock, or tap into, discretionary effort from their teams can be helpful and rewarding for all, ‘creating’ more resource and raising effectiveness, so we might say: When the business environment demands that you do more or differently with… Read More »