Navigational Conversations

A Coaching Programme for Leaders written by Coaches who have been Leaders themselves!

You Want to Incorporate a Coach Approach into the Leadership Style of Your Mid-Level Managers . . .

…Without A Huge Time and Financial Commitment?


Developing the leadership skills of mid-level managers is an ongoing challenge. Managers are the strongest pool from which top new leaders can spring. Yet with budget constraints, how can your company develop the leadership potential of your management team, and not over-invest?

The Navigational Coaching Workshop has been expressly designed to solve this problem. Through its rich and thorough format, mid-level managers make exponential leadership development gains within a compressed—but not hurried—two days. Our philosophy is that people learn best by doing. The majority of the workshop is skills development. Since participants use existing workplace challenges for practice, they solve some of their most significant leadership problems while learning.

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