coaching business case

Coaching – creating internal capability

Coaching Questions that have proved to be relevant when creating or planning to create coaching capability inside organisations. Some of the questions seem to be difficult to come to terms with, and from experience, when they are answered the end result is far more robust. Why Coaching? Why now? What…

Coaching Culture – how to build it!

Building coaching culture I have used this approach several times, as a half day session with groups, and even as a 90 minute telephone session with coaches studying ‘leadership coaching’; it works well. The insights that people get are extraordinary – and we have to use a very focussed, question…

Applying real coaching skills in managers and leaders

For managers implementing the ‘coach approach’ in their everyday busy business life. The approach and effective conversations of a ‘leader / coach’ are often very different to what they learned in the past, not least because it demands a shift from the problem solving behaviours that so many managers have found successful, and have been rewarded for in their organisations.