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Coaching is about Connection

Based on a passionate belief about the effectiveness of Coaching, and a strong interest in developing effective people for the modern world, we want to develop a site which brings together people, resources, ideas, models etc. so that everyone can get a good idea about the practical applications of coaching, including:

positively change the way we interact with each other

so often we make assumptions about people and situations that turn out to be untrue.  Coaching can be really helpful in removing these assumptions so we can work with others in an open and positive way, co-creating win/win outcomes

help us get more out of our lives

increased self-awareness and understanding of our potential, strengths and development areas can often be refreshing, giving us an opportunity to set ourselves new or ‘stretch’ goals that can help us achieve more of what we want in our lives.

help us have better, more outcome focused conversations

‘pub conversations’ are great and many of us enjoy these conversations and the banter, chaos and lack of structure that goes with them. Coaching provides a framework so that we are sure to have an outcome, a movement forward from where we are. Coaching facilitates a focused approach, gets things achieved, creates momentum, raises awareness.

connecting, learning and being more effective

in an ever more connected world a ‘coach approach’ helps us get more out of each other and the situations in which we find ourselves, and can do it fast!  Having focus, asking searching questions, listening intently to one another, allowing people to think for themselves are all positive components of coaching.

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