Facilitating Learning and Understanding in others

Facilitating Learning and Understanding in others

Learning is a prime outcome from coaching, (amongst other things).  To illustrate  see, “The Knowledge Model” below, a model which I learned many years ago, and still use often with groups and individuals to reinforce the blend of learning approaches from ‘pushing it in’ to ‘drawing it out.’  Coaching is so great at drawing out hidden experience, what people ‘Don’t Know that they Know’ (DKK), and getting to the ‘Know they Know’ (KK) through asking questions and facilitating the other person to make new connections.  This approach blended with the more traditional approach of moving from ‘Don’t Know that I Don’t Know’ (DKDK) to, ‘Know that I Don’t Know’ (KDK), through raising awareness, and then getting taught or told on the journey to KK is very powerful.  The model is fun, people remember it and it serves as a useful distinction of what is possible through coaching and what many have been more ‘used to’ in their learning lives or experience to date.

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